As we all know that we are living in an era of technology and business. The more technology is growing the more businesses are being started. Almost, every business is looking to have its online presence either it is website or cell phone application. So, as a developer it becomes must for us to know about market trends and technologies. That’s why I am listing top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020.

AI and Machine Learning Based Technology

Most of the research work is being done to make human’s life easier. Scientists are trying to build machines and technologies that can work with minimum possible involvement of human being.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are playing important role to make human involvement minimum. Use of machine learning enables our website algorithms to observe regular activities and improve its algorithms automatically.

For example, Amazon is using machine learning to show related products for their users. If someone search for a mobile phone on amazon today. Amazon saves data and next time shows similar data to that particular user.

As a developer or business owner, nowadays you must use AI and machine learning in your website. That’s why I would recommend you to know about these top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020.

Voice Search- top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020.

Nowadays, every smart phone has voice search feature like Google assistant and other similar applications. Google started considering voice search feature as requirement of search engine ranking factor.

If we further look at voice search algorithm, it causes ease for end users. It makes possible for users who are not well in writing proper search queries. Other important thing is nowadays it is affordable feature because there are lot of applications are being developed.

CMS Based Websites

People are looking towards ease. So, Custom coding-based websites are not more important these days. There are lot of content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla and Magento etc. They are easy for both developers and businesses.

There are lot of readymade template and apps that can be used to provide specific functionality. We as a developer can use them by drag and drop. CMS provide ready made admin panel and management systems. So, for businesses they are very easy to manage.

Another important benefit of using CMS is they are very cheaper than custom technologies. Maximum themes and plugins for a CMS are free.

Chat Bot- top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020

When we are running a business, our customers always want to ask questions regarding our products. Support is must for online business. It creates customer relation with business and clear him to buy products.

Chat bot is very important nowadays in any business website. It will be iniquity if we don’t include it in a list of top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020. There are lot of smart chat bots like Cortana, Alexa etc. They all are AI based automated virtual assistants.

We can use similar virtual assistants in our websites for customer support and live chats. They also enhance customer pageview time which helps in building Google trust for SEO.

Motion UI-top 8 web development technologies and trends for 2020

Motion user interface is a technique that is applied on the instructions of marketing department. It increases user interaction which means increases conversion rate. We can add call to actions, graphics and animations using this technique.

 If we talk about trends it is must and also necessary for search engine optimization. Google considers highly interactive user interface for ranking.

Responsive Web Design 

Devices are getting more and more smarter. As we all know, nowadays usage of desktop devices is reducing day by day. Mobile and smart devices are emerging. Mostly people use mobile devices for internet surfing.

So, responsive web design is must thing because more users come from mobile devices. Google consider responsive websites for ranking. There are lot of plugins and applications that convert a website into responsive mobile app. If we talk about top 8 web development technologies and trends for 2020, then we cannot skip responsive design.

Usage of API- top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020

Today is the era of internet and connectivity. For making things smarter, we use internet of things as a technology. To increase user interaction and ROI, we make our systems and devices smarter. For this we connect external devices like sensors with our websites using Application programming interface (API).

It makes life of developers easy, because they are actually developed by third parties. Developers just integrate them with their codes.

Modular Design

Modular design means use of frameworks for developing websites. By doing this, we can utilize same chunk of code in different pages and parts of our website. It makes development easy and saves resources. It is dynamic design technique which gives us option to add any functionality in future. It also decreases code complexity. If we summarize our talk, basically we have learned about top 8 web technologies and trends for 2020. They are not only trends but needs of the time. We can also call them customer need. By the way, Thanks for reading. Best of luck for your business.

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